Monday, May 12, 2008

Many women experience at least one dip in their sex drive, often several. It could be short term or longer term, but either way it's an unfortunate occurrence. Don't you want to go back to the level of desire you had when you were in your twenties? There's no need to just accept that you're not interested in sex right now. Lack of sex affects intimacy between a couple, as well as affects mood. Research has been done over the years into improving women's libido, and with a little information you can go back to feeling like how you did, before work, family and age took too much out of you.

Thankfully, there are now multiple treatments available to women with low libidos. Finding out what is causing the dip in sex drive is important to figure out which form of treatment might be most effective. Treatments range from counselling to simple lifestyle changes, to estrogen patches and prescription drugs. The problem could either be physical or emotional. Finding out why you're experiencing a low sex drive is vital to finding out how to fix the problem.

Some physical factors include, but are not limited to: hormone deficiency, stress, childbirth, hyperthyroidism, low levels of testosterone, diabetes, and some forms of medication. Talking to your doctor may help to pinpoint the cause, and they can discuss solutions with you.

Fatigue, stress and health are three big factors that affect not only your libido but every aspect of your life.

Your doctor may suggest an estrogen patch or pill, which is used to treat the symptoms of menopause. Some doctors prescribe taking male virility drugs like Viagra as a means to increase sexual desire. While the drug may indeed increase sexual desire, there have been no official reports released yet on the results for women. There are also a number of side effects that may not be worth it. It's important to discuss options with your doctor. Thankfully, natural treatments such as HerSolution Gel™ offer a safe alternative to drugs or hormones. You can find out more about HerSolution Gel™ at

If the problem isn't physical, then you have to ask yourself what is causing the problem. Negative feelings like stress, guilt, and worry may affect your desire to have sex. If the problem is emotional, then counselling or behavioural therapy is an option that works for many women.

Most importantly, don't put too much stress on yourself. If the worry from your day to day life is affecting your sex life, then worry about your sex life is going to affect your sex life even worse.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Introducing a plant from South Africa that has the weight-loss crowd thrilled. Is this the thing that could help millions of overweight people display bodies to die for? Maybe, just maybe, this is the magic pill we've all been waiting for.

Let’s face it, the onslaught of fashion magazines and shows has drummed the perfect shape of a fit body into everybody’s brains. We all know how we’re supposed to look like to be attractive and to give off that “carefree success” look. What we did not know is that the next big thing in dieting comes from South Africa.

From the sandy expanses of the Kalahari Desert intrepid businessmen bring a cactus called Hoodia. Weight loss experts are already excited over the avenues opened by this plant that curbs hunger.

For hundreds of years the Kalahari bushmen have been eating Hoodia to keep hunger at bay during long hunting trips and in times of drought. And now millions of people living in industrialized countries are about to join them, as Hoodia-based pills are made available in the USA. However, for all the glittering promise of a better tomorrow, Hoodia is still somewhat of a problem. First, no scientific tests have been conducted on humans to check the effects of this plant. We know it works for the bushmen, but will it work for everybody just as well and without side effects?

People high and low, from Hollywood stars to high-powered entertainment staffers to the common man, everybody is willing to overlook the lack of official studies and have a go at Hoodia. Many people have been fighting excess weight all their lives and are interested in anything that promises fast and effective weight loss.

One of the latest and most effective drugs launched on the weight loss market is the ProShape rx. Does it have the amazing Hoodia among its ingredients? You bet! This new pill may well prove to be a ray of hope for overweight people looking to improve their looks and health by shedding those extra pounds. If Hoodia is really the magic plant all overweight people are waiting for, then ProShape rx is one of the best choices around.

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